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Michael Riggs is a self published author who writes in multiple genres including teen and young adult science fiction and fantasy, children's books, adult science fiction and fantasy, nonfiction and more. For more about Michael Riggs please visit the About page. 



An epic and relentless fantasy adventure from the mind that created the Blink Universe. Dive into Shadowshard, a richly complex story full of whimsy, strong character friendships and devastating epic battles. Much anticipated by the rapidly growing Blink fandom, Shadowshard opens up an entire new world of vast landscapes, magical creatures, mysterious characters, terrifying villains and elemental magics.

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Blink is a series of sci fi books about space exploration and a group of young people who unexplainably teleport to an alien planet. They fight for survival as a complex fantasy universe unfolds. Begin with Book One BLINK. 

Perfect for fans of Fantasy books for teens and teen sci fi books. 

The action and adventure continues in Book Two Blink Traveler. Questions are answered as new mysteries arise in this action packed science fiction and fantasy sequel. Fall in love with a large and complex cast of characters fans are saying is one of the best fantasy books about friendship.

Blink goes from contemporary urban fantasy to high fantasy, epic fantasy in the third installment in the series. Written from four perspectives, Blink Regnant is perfect for fans of rich and complex fantasy books and is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing underground sci fi fandoms.

Absolute Nonsense is one of the best kids books to read for all ages. Loved by kids, parents and teachers, Absolute Nonsense is a series of funny and mostly ridiculous short stories and poems by Michael Riggs. Perfect for reading aloud and engaging with the kids. Have some fun and read a children's book without a message or agenda. 

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Michael Riggs makes his nonfiction debut in this book about masculinity and what it means to be a man.

What does it mean to be a man?
Without the initiation into manhood in our modern society and the lack of the need for the innate skills and callings men have — the answer to this question can be very confusing if one even feels compelled to ask it with so much comfort readily accessible. You can work from home sitting at a desk and have prepared food delivered to your door. There is hardly a need for the masculine spirit anymore — or is there?

There is a deep calling to the primal, wild, warrior king self and without knowing what it all means we find ourselves lost, broken and searching for meaning in a lost and broken world as men.
Learn to dominate in life and reign as a warrior king. Unlock your masculinity and learn the secrets to success and rising up to your full potential. Learn to find and follow the true purpose for your life, lead your kingdom, and what it means to be a truly masculine man in a lost and confused society.

Author Michael Riggs brings you his seven level course to unlocking your masculinity, manliness and the warrior spirit within. Dive deep into subjects including the primal wild self, the challenges of love and relationships including marriage, how to be a strong leader, father and husband, and much more! Learn to be:THE PRIMAL - THE LISTENER - THE WISE MAN - THE LOVER - THE PROTECTOR - THE WARRIOR - And THE KING. Buy Warrior King today and embark on a journey of self discovery and self acceptance that will change your life forever.

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