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Best funny children's books

Spark your imagination and creativity with this absolutely nonsensical collection of stories and poems by Michael Riggs!

"Instantly joins the classics"
Fun read-aloud stories and poems loved by children, parents and teachers of all ages!

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Best children's books to give as gifts

Absolutely Nonsensical Stories and Poems by Michael Riggs for all ages!
Seasonal, Meaningful, befuddling and hysterical shorts for only the SILLIEST of hearts.
Not for the faint of whimsicalness. Instantly joins the classics.
”A whimsical interpretation of a child’s imagination!”
”The kind of thing you read to a kid and enjoy just as much, if not more.”

"I find books like this so necessary. Kids don’t always need to be slammed with messages. Sure, we want to teach and guide them, but don’t you ever just want to laugh at nonsense and read something random. Well, we do. From moms eating socks to pickles, this book is super random, and my kids enjoyed how playful and silly it was.
Take a break from the craziness of life and read something silly with your little ones. Even better, have them read it to you. It’s even more entertaining."

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